Prologis Award 2023

During Prologis’ annual Get Together, our colleagues Patricia Miltenburg and Léon de Lobel were honoured to receive the Broker Award. We are naturally very honoured to have this award awarded to our office. It describes the pleasant cooperation with Prologis as one of our clients and our contribution to the transactions brought about. Prologis said:

Jack Geurtjens

“Last thursday I had the honor of awarding our yearly Broker Award during our Prologis Get Together at Paleis Soestdijk. Due to their outstanding work this year and crucial role during important deals, we are happy to name Patricia Miltenburg and Léon de Lobel (who unfortunately couldn’t be there) from De Lobel & Partners the best brokers of 2023. Looking forward to continuing our great partnerships for another year!”

Gina Helmold

“One of our favorite elements of our yearly Prologis Get Together at Paleis Soestdijk is awarding someone with our Broker Award. After playing a crucial role during important deals and overall outstanding work, we’re delighted to award Patricia Miltenburg and Léon de Lobel from De Lobel and Partners with the 2023 Broker Award. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again next year to celebrate our partnerships!”