Leased | 3 New lessees | Leuvetoren Rotterdam

3 new lessees De Leuve

3 New lessees for the Leuvetoren in Rotterdam. In office building ‘de Leuve’ at Schiedamsedijk 37-51 in Rotterdam, 3 leases were recently signed, totalling 1,005 sq m.

Cojafex B.V., specialised in high-quality induction bending machines, leases 201 sq m on the second floor of the building. KAW architects & consultants will lease 402 sq m of space on the fourth floor from 1 October 2024, and Monday Merch B.V., specialists in full-service merch for businesses, signed the lease for another 402 sq m on the second floor this month.

There has been healthy interest in this yet highly recognizable building in recent months. This is partly caused by its location near Witte de Withstraat and Blaak station. Currently, one office unit of approximately 200 sq m and a commercial space of approximately 40 sq m on the ground floor remain.

De Lobel & Partners – real estate experts mediated in these leasing transactions on behalf of the owner of the building, a group of private investors.